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Cycling is one of the best forms of simple, low-cost exercises available out there. Let’s find out more about its advantages and disadvantages.

As a kid, all one ever wants is a bicycle! Many even used it to go to the school and the pride of owning a cycle was clear for everyone to see. But things change with time and now most people prefer bikes and cars. But let’s not forget that even today, cycling still continues to be one of the best forms of exercise.

Benefits of cycling as an exercise

Builds strength - Bicycling is not just an exercise for the legs. Contrary to general perceptions, cycling helps in building strength in a holistic manner

Cuts the risk of coronary heart disease - Cycling gives a workout to your heart, lungs and blood vessels, and thus reduces the risk of heart problems.

Increases muscle tone - Cycling is a slow but good way of increasing muscle tone. It is a good workout for the leg, hip and knee joints.

Builds stamina - Cycling builds your stamina even without your knowledge as once you start enjoying it you do not realise that you have gone further than original capacity.

Reduces stress - Cycling outside is a good way to be one with nature. It helps you to clear your head and makes you feel better.

Improves body co-ordination - As you cycle more and more, your body starts synchronising the moves and your arm to leg, and body to eye co-ordination improves.

Melts your body fat - If you are on the heavier side, cycling can help you reduce weight.

Improves cardio-vascular fitness - Cycling improves your breathing and your heart beat in a steady manner. Cycling also uses the largest muscle group, the legs, and raises the heart rate.
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