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Best Thailand - Island Hopping to Hong Islands by Longtail Boat - Best Thailand Krabi Tour Package von Krabi Spesialisten   1 year ago


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Hong in Thai means “room”, and the literal translation of the Islands Thai name is “The island with the room” due to the gorgeous lagoon located in the centre.

Going by traditional Thai style Longtail boat, this relaxing day-long excursion invites for plenty of beach time and sightseeing the archipelago of Aonang. Hong Island are the “top-3 most visited” island group which you cannot miss while you are in Krabi.

Together we explore Hong Island’s exotic beaches, crystal-clear water and lush nature. Behind the beach there is an 800-meter nature trail. Along the trail you have a rich fauna of different plants and trees such as The Banyan tree which plays a central role in the Buddhists teachings. If we are lucky, we might see some rare birds that only lives on these islands. For those who only wish to lay down in the sun or underneath a tree will easily find their own spot at each island. At the back side of Hong Island, only reachable by boat, is the famous Hong Lagoon. The lagoon which once was a gigantic cave that many thousand years collapsed and created this “Room”. A stop for swimming and opportunity for pictures inside the lagoon. Large bats are known to be hiding inside the mangrove area of the lagoon and can sometimes be seen. You will also get to visit Pak Bia & Paradise Islands and some of its surroundings for leisure time.

Thai Lunch is served at one of the islands, Krabi-Spesialisten style. Forget crowded restaurants, boring lunchboxes and look forward to bamboo beach mats, low tables and a Thai buffet served directly on the beach. This is a family friendly excursion for all ages. You will have lots of time to snorkel, swim and enjoy the sights and sounds of life on these incredible beaches!

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