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NEVERNIGHT | OFFICIAL TRAILER | 2019 von Piera Forde   2 months ago


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Never flinch. Never fear. Never forget.

Coming December

Based off the award-winning 'NEVERNIGHT CHRONICLE' by New York Times Best-Selling author JAY KRISTOFF

Starring: Piéra Forde, Jordi Webber, Ashlee Lollback, Damien Garvey, Peter Kent, Christopher Sommers, Jaime Ureta, Helen Howard and Kevin Spink.

Behind the Scenes: Development: November 25th
Behind the Scenes: Pre-Production: November 27th
Episode One: December 2nd
Episode Two: December 4th
Episode Three: December 6th
Behind the Scenes: Shooting: December 9th
Behind the Scenes: Post-Production: December 11th
Behind the Scenes: Wrap Up: December 13th

Trailer by Dale Norton and Caleb De Leon

Directed by Genevieve Kertesz
Produced by Piéra Forde, Caleb De Leon and Rachel Liviero
Cinematography by Ben Cotgrove
Adapted for Screen by Piéra Forde
In Association with Screen Australia, Youtube and Google

Closed Captioning Available