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Pac-Man's Maze Mayhem 2 - Dark Worlds von Level UP   7 months ago


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Pac-Man faces his greatest challenge yet as he takes on 7 separate worlds. Will 3 lives be enough to for Pac-Man to win?
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Quick note: Aside from the stock Pac-Man sprites, literally everything was custom sprited by me 😎 every Level UP video has an enormous amount of custom sprites by yours truly. Also I'd love to make more videos in this style, this was a blast to make!

***EASTER EGG HUNT*** Pinky does appear in the video! Can you find all 3 times she can be seen hiding?

Characters and Music by Namco/G&J/Argofox/HeatleyBros

G&J - Disconscient:

8 Bit summer (outro theme) by Heatley Bros:

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