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Ask Jase: Thongs ‘n’ Snakes, Winches & Volvos ► All 4 Adventure TV von All 4 Adventure   9 months ago


267 Likes   11 Dislikes | Jase has more answers for your questions... in this edition:
0:34 - Aren't you worried about snakes when you're just wearing thongs? (All 4 Adventure thongs: )
2:11 - Can I come along? Can I have a job with you?
3:35 - Why is the EFS winch 13,000 pounds instead of 12,000 pounds like the rest?
4:37 - Why did you wreck the perfectly good Volvo XC90?

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About All 4 Adventure Series 9: Tackling the Territory ►
Jase and Simon return to TEN November 5th in All 4 Adventure: Tackling the Territory. Starting at the southern Queensland border, they set out on an expedition to locate a lost 130-year-old marker along the Northern Territory border. On their way from the Simpson Desert to the Gulf of Carpentaria, they visit the centre of Australia, meet colourful locals, assist in a wild croc relocation, and are taken to rarely-visited sites at Groote Eylandt where stunning Aboriginal artwork sheds new light on the history of the region. There are plenty of challenges on and off the tracks, and the recovery gear is pushed to the limit. With all-new trucks, a new caravan, and a military-grade Unimog for extreme bush bashing, this is a whole new take on the Northern Territory like you’ve never seen before!