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Allegiance To ISIS (Officer Involved Shooting) | Body Cam | United States | 20190107 von Ms. Panda's Den   7 months ago


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Body camera video clip of the Officer involved shooting of Ismail Hamed. Includes 911 call audio of Hamed claiming allegiance to ISIS. 911 call audio starts at (1:43).

Full Video:

Location: Fountain Hills, Maricopa County, Arizona, United States
Date: January 7, 2019

Maricopa County Sheriff's Office:


The number one priority of this Office is to focus on public safety and the lawful pursuit of due process in the prosecution of individuals accused of criminal activity. In this vein, we will always prioritize our decisions based on the integrity of investigations. Any attempt to focus this incident on the interests of media agenda over the core element of what occurred during this incident is a disservice to the community and public safety.

A law enforcement professional and member of this organization was targeted by an individual whose intent was to take a life in the pursuit of furthering the ideology of a terrorist group. Our deputy handled himself as a consummate professional, managing an aggressive threat, being forced to deliver lethal force to defend himself from the attacker.

During today's news conference, at least one media member chose to dominate the dialogue, failing to show concern for the circumstances and the ongoing threat law enforcement faces as a targeted group or the exceptional composure by our deputy in saving his own life. Instead, the goal was to debate when the appropriate time is to release video for the sake of sensationalizing a tragic incident.

I respect the role of the media in facilitating communication with the public and as a means to transparency. This is consistent with our thoughtful values and principles. Our mission and efforts are comprehensive and cannot be encapsulated in a one-minute news segment.

Please take the time to view this incident, draw your own conclusions and I hope you will share your support for our deputies.

Respectfully, Sheriff Paul Penzone