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Deadly, Dangerous Deliveries von Smart Trucking   2 years ago


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Dave tells of several experiences from his driving career, which turned out to be quite dangerous deliveries.
A truck driver can never be too careful when delivering freight. Often times a driver can find himself in an unsafe, dangerous delivery. And often once the driver has arrived at the destination, it can be near impossible to get out in a timely fashion, if the need arises.
Always go to great lengths to find out the details of your delivery destination.
Find out if the yard is fenced. Is there security? Is your delivery in daylight hours? Has your company been to this destination previously and were there any problems in the past?
Do your homework and find out the details preferably BEFORE accepting the load, so if you do discover the area isn't safe, you can refuse the load.
No load is worth risking your life for.
Trucking companies don't particularly care about your safety. It's your job to ensure your safety at all times.

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