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Bike: 2015 Repsol Honda cbr125r (ixil Hyperlow(street legal))
Rider: 184cm (6ft) 79kg+6kg gear
cam: sony as200v
licence: A1
age: 17

my instagram:
introsong: no angels bastille
introsong 2: i cant stop

Meine Bekleidung/My gear
Helm(1): Scorpion Exo 2000
Helm(2): MTR S7
Helm(3) Scorpion Exo 2000 evo
Jacke(1): Dainese Aspide D-Dry
Jacke(2): Dainese Crono Textil
Rückenprotektor(1): Super Shield Protetorweste
Rückenprotektor(2): Dainese Wave air
Handschuhe(1): Probiker Season III
Handschuhe(2): Held Evo Thrux
Handschuhe(3):Berik Reel 2.0 (M)
Hose(1): Held Attika
Hose(2): Highway 1 Jeans
Stiefel: Alpinestars Smx 5


-what is the topspeed of the cbr125r?

-how much does cbr125r cost new?
3308€ with the Honda beginneradvantage

-how is the fuel efficiency?

-is it good for small riders?
yes if you are 160cm and above

-how are the maintenance costs?
half compared to a 600

-has it ABS as an option?
no it doesn't

-how does the cbr handle 2 people?
great and precize handling

-are long trips comfortable?
yes up to 500km without break

-do your wrists hurt?
no they don't if you ride correctly

-witch tires can you recommend?
bridgestone bt 45

-Whould you recommend it to beginners/second bike?