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The Full Unedited Chase Live PD Didn't Release von G4R   4 weeks ago


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Here is the full unedited police chase that ends with a PIT. Live PD showed parts of this chase. This is the full police chase from beginning to end. ( From the live stream on the 7th. ) Thanks for watching ~ G4R

According to the local area news, the perp's name is Kevin McMillan - he (allegedly) stole a bunch of stuff from Tractor Supply. He racked up a total of 6 charges - I believe all felonies. The car was stolen and, no surprise, he had some outstanding warrants. He has been and is still in custody - he had a $41K bond (that he could not raise) and then he was determined to not be competent to stand trial so he is in mental health custody. He refused to cooperate with the first mental health competency exam. Per the OK court record, he will go to trial when he is determined to be competent to stand trial. The next hearing is in December.