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Mario's Easter Egg Hunt Mayhem von Level UP   2 years ago


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Mario, Luigi, Peach and Yoshi go on an Easter Egg hunt! Whoever finds the most wins!
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***EASTEREGGCEPTION*** Oh yes, Easter eggs within an Easter Egg video xD Lakitu appears 3 times in the video, can you spot all 3 appearances?

Don't forget to subscribe! Part 2 will include Wario, Waluigi and Daisy! This will be a Series of videos with additional characters for every video :)

Heatley Bros made a custom INTRO theme for the channel! It's very 8 Bit summer like too :) as soon as I have the intro animation done I'll be able to show you guys, it's so amazing!

Definitely check out his awesome music right here:

Characters and Music by Nintendo/Starman3/Heatley Bros.

Mario Party 2 Western Land remix by Starman3:

Outro theme by Heatley Bros (8 Bit summer)