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Police chased suspected vehicle thief, Zachary Medina, 31, in a dark SUV down I-30 eastbound, then I-35E southbound before the suspect’s tire blew out.

Medina got out and tried to run away but police had him on the ground within seconds.

The black SUV was reported stolen by Eva Medina, the suspect’s mother.

She told the news her son has a drug problem and that he appeared to be on drugs Monday morning, when she spotted him at her home taking off in her car.

She said, he called her that afternoon to tell her he was being pursued for police.

She begged him to pull over, but said he did not want to stop.

She said she was relieved to see him arrested before he hurt himself or anyone else.

Police said Medina failed to yield during an attempted stop and the pursuit began around I-20 and Crowley Rd.

Medina shows to have an outstanding warrant for parole violation for possession of controlled substance 1-4 grams of methamphetamine.