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Half Over the Horizon | Week 14 | Kris Gethin's Man of Iron von Bodybuilding.com   11 months ago


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The countdown to the half Ironman begins in earnest this week, as Kris deloads in the gym and focuses on form and race-specific skills outside of it. This is getting real.
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In next week's episode, Kris Gethin gets to see if his hybrid training approach will pay off, or leave him struggling to keep up in their first half Ironman triathlon. Until then, his split and total training volume will taper down in preparation for the big event.

Resist the urge to do more than what's written if you're following the downloadable program. (Spoiler alert: Kris can't resist that urge.) You'll be doing lots of antagonist supersets for nearly every part, so embrace the healing power of the pump, practice your race skills—if a tri is in your future, anyway—and soar toward race day as confidently as Kris!

| Training and Nutrition Tips |
- As Kris points out this week, the worlds of endurance and strength training are very likely starting to collide, leading to some mild overtraining. When that happens, it's time for a strategic deload. Nothing good will come of racing while overtrained!

- You may think running is running, but form matters! Get that cadence—or step-per-minute count—up and your knees, hips, and stopwatch will all benefit.

- Your runs and rides can't all be adventures, but neither should they all be treadmill or stationary slogs. Find loops around your home or gym, because there's no substitute for running out in the world.

- Kris goes for an extra run to "detox my brain," even though he knows it's against the deload rules. If you feel the need, try to time it up with your training. If not…well, at least keep that run easy.

- Cauliflower mash? It's better than it sounds, and incredibly easy to prepare. In fact, with a little bit of seasoning, it's downright delicious, and fits in any macronutrient approach. Try it!

- Preparing for a race? The transitions matter. Keep practicing them, so you'll be able to nail them when you're running on fumes come race day.


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