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Most Fastest Birds in The World (Peregrine falcon) von ANIMALBIOLOGIE   5 months ago


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Birds of Prey are unique in the animal kingdom. have the amazing ability to fly. In order to carry out this aerial locomotion, they must perfectly combine thrust, drag, weight, and lift. Wings are the key factor in flight and those with a short, pointed shape allow for maximum speed.
Several theories try to explain why birds developed this ability, Regardless of how it began, one thing is for certain. Some birds have evolved into the fastest of their kind, and some of these are listed below:
7 World's Fastest Birds:
- 1 Peregrine Falcon – 242 mph.
- 2 Golden Eagle – 200 mph.
- 3 Gyrfalcon – 130 mph.
- 4 White-throated Needletail – 105 mph.
- 5 Eurasian Hobby – 100 mph.
- 6 Frigate Bird – 95 mph.
- 7 Spur Winged Goose – 88 mph.
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