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Girl ejected in crash after attempting to escape vehicle part 3 von Dashcam Daily   3 years ago


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The car I'm driving is a 1994 Toyota MR2 turbo.

The music playing was from a set I played at Imagine Music Festival in 2016.

Update July 7, 2017. A reporter with a local station has been in touch with the Atlanta Police. They were able to locate the female, because the license plate on the vehicle was in her name. The guy driving the car is/was apparently her boyfriend. She is refusing to cooperate or press charges, and would not give the police his name. The ladies in the vehicle that stayed with the victim transported her to Atlanta Medical Center. According to the reporter, she later had to be restrained/sedated. As far as I'm aware she recovered from her injuries.

Part 1 is the initial encounter where I first noticed the car stopped in the roadway. This was at the I-75/85 and University Ave interchange in Atlanta, GA.

Part 2 is after I got turned around and noticed the driver was out of the car and had put the girl in the passenger side. This video starts at I-75/85 & University Ave and ends at Metropolitan Pkwy & Ralph David Abernathy Blvd.

Part 3 is where I first noticed the car door open and the girl attempting to leave the vehicle at Metropolitan Pkwy & Ralph David Abernathy Blvd, and later the crash in which the girl was ejected from the car at Whitehall Rd where it turns into Murphy Ave SW. This video covers most of the pursuit through Atlanta, and the driver leaving the girl on an I-20 access ramp at the Glenwood Ave/Memorial Dr exit.

Part 4 is the final moments of the pursuit until I lost the driver.

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This encounter started at approximately 3:40 AM Sunday morning on September 19, 2016 in Atlanta, GA. I phoned 911 at the point where the girl was ejected from the vehicle and the driver placed her back in the car and drove away. The police were never able to respond while the pursuit was happening. There was another vehicle pursuing the driver for about half the video. He pulled next to me and asked what was going on during one part of the video. I'm not exactly sure how long he was involved, or where we lost him. Another vehicle with 2 or 3 females asked what was happening at the scene where the girl was left, and they stayed with the girl after she was left by the driver I was pursuing. I lost the driver a few minutes after he left her. I returned to the scene where the girl was left and they had already vacated, which I'm assuming was with the females in the other vehicle that asked what was happening. I stopped by Grady Memorial which would be the likely location for an emergency room visit, but they were not able to offer any information without a name or DOB. Later in the morning I called the Atlanta PD District 6 office and forwarded Part 3 to an officer who asked me about specific locations of the incidents. I have no further knowledge at this time about the well being of the girl or any status on the case. The police never responded to any of my requests for updates, as of July 2017.