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Top 10 Animal Save Animal 2017 | Animal Heroes 2017 von Wild Animals Planet   8 months ago


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Top 10 Animal Save Animal 2017 | Animal Heroes 2017

10. Gemsbok Save Their Calf From Cheetah Attack
9. Mother Zebra Save Her Baby From Cheetah Hunting
8. Mother Baboon Save Her Baby From Crocodile Hunting
7. Leopard Save Baby Baboon From Hyena Hunting
6. Elephant Save Two Leopard From Hyena Attack
5. Brave Mother Wildebeast Save Baby From Leopard Hunting
4. Elephant Save Baby From Lion Hunting
3. Hippo Save Impala in Mud After Lion Chased It
2. Warthog Knock Cheetah Out To Save Baby
1. Baboon Save Baby Gazelle From Cheetah Hunting

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