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Sonoff - The $5 WiFi Smart Switch That's Compatible With Alexa And Google Home von byte sized   2 years ago


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In this video I show you how to setup the Sonoff WiFi Smart Switch. This is a $5 smart outlet that allows you to automate pretty much any appliance. I use it with my google home mini to turn on and off all the devices in my electronics lab.

This is NOT a sponsored video. I purchased everything you see with my own money. See FAQ #5 for links to where you can purchase your own Sonoff switch.

Thanks to the suggestion of many comments, I learned that the Sonoff Pow model will report power consumption! I've ordered some of these and I'm excited to start using them! Thanks for those who have pointed out this information!

1) Is this compatible with iOS (iPhone) devices?

Yes, the iOS eWeLink app can be found at

2) Is this compatible with Amazon echo (Alexa)?

Yes, a tutorial can be found at

3) I have an extension cord/appliance that has three prongs (live, neutral, ground). How do I wire up the sonoff?

Any appliance or device that has a metal chassis needs the ground wire to be considered safe. Appliances that have plastic chassis are safe (in the US) with only live and neutral. If you need the ground wire, I would suggest getting the Sonoff Pow model which has three terminals to accommodate the ground wire.

4) I don't feel safe having to modify an extension cord. Is there a sonoff switch that I can just plug right into the wall and use?

Yes, it can be found here

5) Where can I buy these for less than $5 and how long does shipping take?

The Sonoff can be purchased from the manufacturer's website. The price before shipping (at the time of this video) is $4.85. I believe they ship from China which may take several weeks to arrive where you live. I ordered several that took about 2 weeks to arrive in the US.
Here is a link

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Amazon : basic

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6) Where can I download the android app?

Android eWeLink app:


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