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GoPro Underwater DOME PORT Review vs $10 FISH BOWL von FlippedSociety   2 years ago


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Telesin Dome Port (GoPro 5 6 7):
Telesin Dome Port (GoPro 3, 3+, 4):
GoPro Hero 7 Black:
GoPro Hero 4 Black 2013
GoPro Hero 5 Session (Kara’s Cam!):
GoPro Suction Cup Mount:
Fish Bowl $9.99 at your local pet store!

I was going to properly review the Telesin GoPro dome port and got the idea of comparing it against a regular old fish bowl from Pet Smart (in Canada) - and then realized that dome ports don't work unless you have 4 important environment components working together.
0:00 - 6:00: Product description / detail / build notes
6:00-8:00 - 4 factors you need to actually make a dome port work and turn out good footage.
Turns out you need 4 element factors for a perfect dome port shot:
1. Crystal Clear Water
2. Blue Sunny Sky
3. Super calm water
4. No drops on the dome

Edited by: Gavin Peacock (IG: @gpeacock1 )