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5 exercises that will help you test your body’s flexibility and guess your body age group. Prepare yourself for anything because the results may be unpleasant. Warm up before you try the exercises: you can either jump, do squats or leg swings. And now that you're ready, let's find out your true body age!

Shoulder Joint Flexibility 1:16
Spine Flexibility 3:08
Neck and Shoulder Girdle Flexibility 5:06
Hip Joint Flexibility 6:52
Knee Joint Flexibility 9:01

- The most effective exercises for this purpose are all the different kinds of stretches. So, be sure to do them at least once a day to increase your shoulder flexibility. You can also try a simple exercise that you can do pretty much anywhere, even during a little break at work! Raise your right arm up and bend it at the elbow so it would be behind your neck and head. Slide it a bit down your back. Now, reach behind you with your left arm, so that the back of your hand.
- Let's try to do a small exercise that you probably did a lot during your PE classes at school: stand straight and keep your feet about shoulder width apart, then just lean forward (without bending your knees, though!) and try to touch the floor with your hands. Is it challenging for you? Let's find out what this says about your body.
- To improve your condition, start with neck flexibility exercises. You can tuck your chin until you feel a stretch (keep in mind that it shouldn't be painful!). Another great option is taking your neck backwards, again, until you feel a stretch. (oh, that was good…) Repeat each of these exercises about five times. Now, what about shoulder girdle flexibility? For that, you can do some kneeling exercises. Begin with a kneeling position so that your feet are under your hips. Now lift your hips and raise your straight arms over your head at the same time.
- If you want to improve your hip joint flexibility, remember to do the following exercises regularly. Just like with pretty much everything that is connected to the flexibility, stretches are the answer here. First of all, sit upright so that both of your legs are straight. Then bend your right leg, pull it into your chest and hug it tight until you feel a stretch. Again, if it's painful, it's not a good sign. Try to make it effective, but still safe. The second good exercise is a seated stretch. Sit with your knees bent out to the sides. Place the bottoms of your feet together and bring them as close to your groin as possible. Then just lean forward until you feel a stretch.
- Knee joint flexibility can be improved, just don't be lazy and add a couple of exercises to your daily workouts. The simplest thing you can do is knee bends. Just lie comfortably and bend your knee as far as possible until you feel a stretch. Other powerful stretching exercises go like this: place your feet together and then slowly take your heel towards your bottom until you feel a stretch.

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