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Brain overload - smartphones, the internet and digitalization | DW Documentary von DW Documentary   2 weeks ago


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Smartphones, computers, tablets - mobile devices are everywhere these days and it’s causing us stress.

The permanent information overload from digital devices is being blamed for mental exhaustion, burnouts and depression. Backed up by a range of recent studies, our documentary looks at the risks of always being online.

About half the world’s population now has access to the Internet. Every day, we exchange huge amounts of data via our digital devices. E-Mails, blogs and Instagram and YouTube - they all demand our attention and have become a fixture of our private and professional lives. Recently an extensive analysis of students belonging to Generation Y showed that their average span of attention for computer screens had fallen to a mere 45 seconds. Research conducted back in 2004 put the average at three minutes. It is almost impossible to avoid this flood of information - mobile devices keep us in constant contact with our families, friends, colleagues and various networks around the world. But what psychological effects does this seemingly endless stream of data have? Are there limits to the brain’s cognitive abilities? Should we simply adapt to the new reality or fight for the right to be offline? In our report, neuroscientists, psychologists and entrepreneurs detail the effects of this information overload on the human brain.

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