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5 Moves To A Bigger, Stronger Back | IFBB Pro Jake Alvarez von Bodybuilding.com   3 years ago


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Try this workout for back that will give you lats that block out the sun. Athlete and men's physique IFBB Pro Jake Alvarez shows you how to build them with his killer back workout.
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The thought of strong, chiseled bodies immediately conjures certain features: a barreled chest, for one, but also a back that can deflect artillery fire from a tank—because, you know, that's how you test its fortitude.

What's more, a broad back makes the rest of your body look that much better. With your lats flared out like a cobra snake, for example, your waist will appear to shrink in comparison, even if it's the same circumference it's always been.

The question, of course, is how to build such a prodigious back. Folks, welcome to Jake Alvarez's back-attack workout. Class is in session.

In the video, Jake demonstrates five back exercises. Before beginning each set of a new exercise, Jake typically does a single warm-up set of higher reps to prime his body for the upcoming movement. It would be wise for you to do the same!

Be sure to watch the full video for tips and cues for each exercise. That way, you'll reap the full benefits of his epic back workout.

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