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This abandoned water park in Mexico City is one of the most requested locations I visit here in Mexico. I teamed up with my urbex friends Exploring with Josh and Exploring with Cody, and we headed to Bosque Chapultepec, a park (more like a forest) in the heart of CDMX to vlog the adventure together. This abandoned theme park has a dark history, and we wanted to learn more about it.

It doesn’t look like it, but Atlantis was recently closed. It’s been less than 10 years since it shut it’s doors, yet it looks like a war zone. Being in the middle of such a big city, there have been lots of people come to do graffiti and explore, how it became so thrashed, I have no idea. It looks like it was half demolished. It was good to see the waterslides where still there, as well as some resemblance of what the wave pool used to be like, I had heard you could find tickets, but I didn't come across any. Too much garbage on the ground.

A couple years ago news stories started circulating about seals and dolphins being kept in bad conditions inside the forgotten park. Helicopter footage (shown in the beginning of the video) shows green water, and live animals still living inside after the doors had closed. This rumour still circulates though Mexico City, and this was one of the prime reasons we wanted to explore. Would we still find animals there? Are the rumours true? It was scary to think that they might be.


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