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Documentary film for searching for ancient treasures underground.
Treasure finding and the beginning of exploration.

The treasure had been discovered in the land of a farm, with an area of about 2.4. Kilometers (1.5 miles
South near the Greek border village Stage, on 26 June 2015.
We still in the beginning, the company's work crew get out making educational films about the ways to use company products united international group
During the filming operations of a device and accidentally detect a signal.
Resulting in that course of action fully change.
Turned to photography than just an educational film to treasure hunting trip is not without any fun.
It has been dealt with by the signal from the Prospector professionally to determine the origin and direction.
Search led us to one of our neighboring farms.
We asked interview the person responsible for this place.
The farm owner came out and by definition, we have for ourselves.
Vsarahna what we are doing and how the device has guided us to his ranch and the existence of a hidden target within its walls, and it has a gold.
We asked him permission to enter to confirm the objective of the inside wall of the farm and document it so he Badechna to his ranch.
The prospectors a crisis tests to confirm the goal and it duly followed and the rules of exploration using several methods to determine the trove place.
After these procedures show that, there is a vacuum at a depth of one-meter area with a radius of 2 square meters (22 square feet) and there he went inside and precious metals and some non-metallic objects.
It was agreed between us and the farm owner shall notify the competent authorities and work to extract all the necessary paperwork and processing contracts and licenses for drilling and exploration process to guarantee the rights of all parties.
Two days later, he sent us the body responsible engineer's specialists to oversee the process of exploration and to preserve the relics discovered.
The crew of photographers to shoot a full exploration process.
Engineers and immediately began studying and analyzing the images to determine the perimeter of the area and defining a start drilling.
We started drilling, which lasted for more than three and a half hours.
The discovery of an ancient cemetery Old were found inside the jewelry of rare gems and gold coins, silver and bronze in different sizes and glass vases and many antiques pottery.
Because the origin of these findings to the fourth and fifth century AD located in the Romanian empire.
The evaluation committee evaluates this treasure treasures, including an estimated 1.75 million euros
The competent authorities Bmkavih landowner.
The company united international group excavating the discovery of this national historic treasure and precious issued financial equivalent value of 250,000 (two hundred and fifty thousand euros) each

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