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Track & Field (NES) von nenriki86   8 years ago


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Track & Field (NES)

100 Meter Dash:
A (to run) turbo is better (: Yes, I used turbo button :b

Long Jump

A (to run)
Directional Pad (degrees while jumping) 40-60 degrees at MAX speed

110 Meter Hurdles:

A (to run)
Directional Pad (to jump)

Javelin Throw:

A (to run)
Directional Pad (Degrees in Javelin)

Skeet Shooting:

Directional Pad (shooting left)
A or B (shooting right)

Triple Jump (very hard in the beginning)

A (to run)
Directional Pad (degrees while jumping)
- first jump 30-40 (degrees)
- second jump 35-45 (degrees)
- final jump (40-55 degrees) in MAX speed

Archery (this is also hard)

First select (a random wind speed) with A or B
try to get 5 (degrees in each shooting)

High Jump:

A (to run)
Directional PAD to get lower degrees i.e (your body angle)