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Here's the first episode I have of Adventure Island called "The Magic Plant" which is the second episode from 1967. More Episodes Soon. Enjoy Sam Briggs :D
Here the First Episode I have of Adventure Island. More Episodes Soon. This is 1 of 4 episodes of Adventure Island. Adventure Island was an Australian Children TV Series made by Masters of Australian Children's Television Godfrey Philipp and John-Michael Howson who also created The Magic Circle Club. Adventure Island started on 11th of September 1967 and ended on 22nd of December 1972 and took off were The Magic Circle Club left off. It was made by ABV-2 Melbourne for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. It was First hosted by Nancy Cato and later Sue Donovan. Staring Liz Harris, Ernie Bourne, John-Michael Howson, Brian Crossley, Colin McEwan, Jack Manuel, Marion Edward, Carole Walker, James Smilie, Robert Essex, Peter Homewood and Burt Cooper just to name a few. It told place in the Forest and went she read the book in transported you right to the land of Diddley-Dum-Diddley with Nancy or Sue telling a story of a Adventure in Adventure Island with Liza, Clown, Mrs Flower Potts, Percy Panda, Dodo Panda or Betty Bruin and Jim having adventure and taking on the wicked deeds of the Baddies Miser Meanie, Fester Fumble, Captain Crook, Giggles Goblin Squire Squeezum, Sir Cedric Sneak and Fredrick Folly. As well as puppets such as Sampson the Cat, Crispian Cockatoo, Gussie Galah or Gracie Galah who live inside a the Cuckoo clock and tell jocks and riddles. Other puppets were Matilda Mouse, Maxie Mouse and a female version of Sampson the Cat played by Liz Harris in 1971 when Ernie Bourne was off sick. The show was in a Pantomime style and had the message of Good over Evil. The Show won lots of Logies for Best Children's Show in 1969, 1971 for Sue Donovan for Best Female Personality in Victoria and a Special Contribution for Adventure Island in 1973 and Rainbow not the UK Kids show from Thames Television and ITV a diffident show from and in 1979. After been cancelled in 1972 it was relapsed by Sesame Street and Adventure Island's 1969-1972 Episodes was Repeated from 1973-1976 it stooped in 1976 because of 1975 being of Colour TV and the ABC now Considered it Archive footage. In the popular Culture Percy Panda's Head was used in The Late Show in Australia in the early 90s as Shirty the Slightly aggressive Bear Skits and in the First episode of The Micallef Program as host Shaun Micallef introduces the supporting cast as being recycled from old ABC television programs, stating that viewers may recognise cast member Roz Hammond as "the horribly mutilated corpse from the final episode of Adventure Island. I think Clown is revealed as the psychopath in that one." This episode came from a DVD-R. This is a Telecine Transfer from Video Tape or 16mm. I got this from a TV Show Collector in Sydney named "Todd Emslie" Thank you Todd. You can get more classic Australian TV series on DVD his website at . All rights for this video go to Australian Broadcasting Corporation and the Australian National Film and Sound Archive. I'm only uploading it for Historical and Nostalgic Purposes and the fact the they don't show it on TV or DVD. Please tell your friends about my channel and Subscribe. Hooroo! I'm Earnest Briggsy and I speak the truth about Australian TV :D