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What can be “manlier” than broad and powerful shoulders? Other than being thoughtful, charming and witty, you ask? Well, personality aside, if you’re aiming at a strong and masculine look, your arms and shoulders are the thing to start from. Even if you don’t pay that much attention to the rest of your body, broad shoulders will give you that much desired V-shape, making you look bigger - in a good way, of course. So let’s have a look at what you can do!

Dumbbell shoulder press is aimed at the front and middle parts of your shoulder muscles. Side lateral raise will target mainly the middle section of your shoulders, which helps them look rounded. Seated dumbbell clean is an explosive strength exercise that will give your front sections a nice shock. Pike press looks a bit strange but it’s great for the front and middle sections of your shoulders as well as your upper back as an added benefit.

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1. Dumbbell shoulder press 0:33
2. Side lateral raise 1:42
3. Seated bent-over raise 2:58
4. Standing dumbbell fly 3:50
5. Seated dumbbell clean 4:55
6. Dips 5:48
7. Pike press 6:55
8. Dumbbell shrugs 7:50
A couple of things to remember 8:32

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-Sit on a bench and press your back against the back support. Take a dumbbell with each hand and raise your hands to shoulder height, your palms facing forward. Now exhale and push your arms up, straightening them and letting the dumbbells meet above your head. Hold them up for a second, inhale, and slowly return to the initial position.
-Stand straight with a dumbbell in either hand and with your feet shoulder width apart. Your arms should hang along your body with your palms facing your torso. Exhale and slowly raise your arms to the sides until they’re level with your shoulders.
-Sit down on the end of a bench and bend over, almost touching your chest to your knees. Grip your trusty dumbbells, put your legs together, keep your back straight and your palms facing your calves. Now slightly bend your elbows, exhale, and raise your arms to the sides until they’re parallel to the floor.
-Stand up straight, holding a dumbbell in either hand. Hang your arms straight along your body, with your palms facing the torso. Plant your feet firmly on the ground, shoulder width apart. Now exhale and, keeping your torso stationary, raise your arms to the sides.
-Seat on the end of a bench, planting your feet firmly on the floor about shoulder width apart. Grab the dumbbells with your palms facing backwards. Lean forward, keeping your back straight, and then burst upwards, straightening yourself and raising the dumbbells to the shoulder level in a swift motion.
-Sit on a bench and place your palms on its edge, gripping it with your fingers on either side of your body. Plant your legs firmly on the floor, or even better, if you have an elevated object not quite as high as the bench you’re sitting on, place your feet on it.
-Get into a regular push-up position with your arms straight, palms right beneath the shoulders, and your legs straight too, propped on the toes. Push your hips up so that your whole body now makes a reversed V-shape. Now lower your body in a dive-like motion, keeping your legs straight and only bending your elbows.
-Grab the dumbbells and stand up straight with your feet hip width apart and your arms straight along your body. Don’t bend your elbows, just let them hang. Now, without any extra movements raise your shoulders as high up as you can, hold on for a second, and lower them back.
-Don’t forget to do a warm-up before a workout and cool down exercises after working out. Don’t be too hard on yourself — let your shoulders rest between training sessions. Three times a week should be enough for the optimal regimen.

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