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Two vehicle burglary suspects are in custody after leading officers on a high-speed chase through Sacramento County Thursday evening, the Sacramento County Sheriff's Department said.

The suspects were detained in a neighborhood after they ran from the stolen vehicle and tried to hide in the residential area.

The incident began as a vehicle burglary at the Target off of Laguna Boulevard, Elk Grove police said. The suspects broke into two, possibly three, other vehicles in the Target parking lot before the chase.

Officers began chasing the suspects, but they later ended their involvement as the California Highway Patrol picked up the chase.

CHP followed the suspects via helicopter as well as from the ground during the chase. The suspects drove through Elk Grove, Galt and Lodi on Highway 99, getting on surface streets at times.

Aerial video from LiveCopter3 showed the suspects driving on the shoulder and sidewalks in order to avoid other drivers on the road.

No other details were available.

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