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Police chase in Hollywood 1-10-19, Stolen van crashing into vehicles! von Bingo Brian   2 months ago


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CBS LA and Stu Mundel was live on January 10, 2019 with a police chase in Van Nuys California. Be sure to visit CBSLA.com for more information regarding this and many other breaking news stories

Original Source of the video is from CBS LA

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The police chase appeared to start out of the Van Nuys area, when a white business van was traveling at high speeds on surface streets. At one point, the suspect crashed into a curb and fence, then backed up and eventually knocked down a traffic light on the corner.

Authorities were unable to stop the suspect, who continued driving and ended up on the southbound 405 Freeway into Sherman Oaks. The suspect then merged onto the southbound 101 Freeway and traveled at high speeds until exiting near Hollywood Boulevard.

When the suspect exited, the driver slowed down a little, but ended up going in between vehicles and crashing into the back of one of them. That collision pushed the vehicle into one in front of it and the van eventually crashed into that vehicle and spun it around as it pushed through the offramp.

The driver in the van continued and quickly accelerated on surface streets. Several times, the driver blew through intersections and red lights, narrowly missing pedestrians and other vehicles.

The suspect ended up on Hollywood Boulevard, where traffic was a little heavier.

Near Highland Avenue, the suspect ended up turning, hitting a curb and losing control. The van crashed into two parked vehicles and stopped on the curb near a meter. A man exited from the passenger's side of the vehicle and attempted to flee on foot, but authorities exited their vehicles with guns drawn and stopped the man.

Authorities also took passengers and drivers in other nearby vehicles out of their car and took them to safety.

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