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R 1200 GS - Hassliebe Teil 2 - Love-hate Part 2 von Siegfried Felix Gutfleisch   3 months ago


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R 1200 GS Adventure Hassliebe Teil 2 ist die Fortsetzung von "Hassliebe über 3 Jahre und 100.000km" - R 1200 GS Adventure Hassliebe Part 2 is the sequel to "Love-hate over 3 Years and 100,000km".
Please find the english text below:
Today we have the 20.06.2019.
The last day of our holiday is just 8 hours old.
Four weeks with our R1200GS are behind us. A pity, but everything has an end - only the sausage has two known.
But there is another sunny day waiting for us.
For the last night we chose a nice and quiet Auberge in the Vosges. Only 40 km as the crow flies from the German border.
Our Adventure also found a quiet place here.
After breakfast we will take the last leg home.
Beautiful are already the first kilometers of the day on the French side roads and through the lovely landscape of the central Vosges.
I think back to the past four weeks.
The approximately 9,000 km through France, Spain and Portugal meanwhile have brought many fascinating experiences.
But unfortunately some annoyances.
The two Pyrenean stages, on two consecutive days, were a highlight for me. On the first day, Col de Larrau, Col de Aubisque, Col du Solour, Col de Tourmalet, Col d'Aspin, Col de Peyresoude, Col du Portillon and in the evening the Spanish port de la Bonalgua.
The following day had as ingenious start, the last of the four passes in the opposite direction.
The entire time had been dry.
Certainly not quite everyday for four weeks.
Many nice experiences, but also some annoyances lie also in the time.
Five times our Navi has failed.
With a dark screen and a complete reboot of the system after about 20 to 30 seconds. After that, the previously active route was gone and had to be reentered.
Three times the engine of our GS has simply gone out while driving.
Each downhill before hairpins, after pulling the clutch.
The pressure on the starter button immediately brought the unit back to life. Nevertheless, the thing is not normal.
Third annoyance was the failure of the cruise control.
This has turned itself off while it was activated.
Resumption of the button was not possible in several experiments.
Waiting a few minutes, the cruise control could be restarted. To switch off again after about another 10 seconds.
After that, nothing went at the cruise control.
For the rest of the day, I kept my hands off and kept our pace in the traditional way.
A call to our service manager in Germany brought the hint:
"The clutch switch for cruise control could be defective."
How and through what the cruise control was brought back to working, I'll tell you and show you later in this video.
The last stage is slowly coming to an end and there are only a few miles to go home. The good opportunity to take a look at the travel dates.
A nice element of the BMW Navi's is the data query via the screen.
I set the trip odometer 1 to zero before starting the journey.
This will track the sum of the entire route.
The counter 2 is pressed after each refueling stop to zero.
The automatic daily odometer records the daily stage.
The two consumption displays inform about travel consumption and long-term consumption.
Before starting to travel I press the consumption value 1 to zero.
Very gratifying that this morning the tread depth of the tires still met legal requirements. Where the rear tire but offers for short-term exchange.
The mechanical shiftability of the transmission has improved increasingly since reaching the 100,000 km mark. It has reached a quality after this tour that is good.
Whereby the hard punch when inserting the first gear is unchanged.
The throttle response at speeds below about 1,800 revolutions is still very poor.
Well, now we are safely back home.
Our 1200s look the same after the four weeks and more than 9,000 km.
Dead mosquitoes, dust and annoying tar sprays of third-class roads, as far as the eye can see.
Now to the cruise control failure and the repair.
With contact spray, I have come to the cruise control to deal with.
Sprayed directly into the top of the switch unit and into the connector of the connection cables below the handlebar unit.
Behold, the not working before the treatment cruise was thereafter again willing to work. He has worked again until today without complaint.
Today at the tire dealer shows remarkable.
The front tire still has enough profile for several thousand kilometers.
The profile measurement on the rear tire results in a fairly even wear pattern over the tread.On the main tread just under 2 mm residual profile and on the flanks 2.5 mm.
Finally, only the washing box remains.
10 days later, the pressure sensor on the rear wheel of our GS breaks down at about 112,000 km.
Especially annoying is that the new part costs more than 100, - Euro.