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500 Years From Now - What Will Life On Earth Be Like? von The Infographics Show   10 months ago


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What will life on earth be like in 500 years? Will humans still be alive or will be have gone extinct?
500 years ago, roughly only half of the earth had been thoroughly explored and colonized, and the Americas were home to indigenous civilizations, but were largely unknown to the rest of the world. People lived and died in the same homes, or at best, could aspire to end their lives no more than a few miles from where they were born. Yet today, globalism has connected the planet, and for most of the world, your future is in your own hands. The jet engine and the internet have brought us opportunities that can take us around the Earth, while modern medicine keeps pushing the limits of our mortality. But what might the future hold? Welcome to this episode of The Infographics Show- where we take a look at what life on earth might look like in 50, 100, and 500 years.

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