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Motorcycle Road Rage and Attempted Vehicular Homicide (Lol) von Squid Rider   4 years ago


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In the first incident with the woman in the white SUV, I over reacted, plain and simple but I was tired of getting turned into over and over, almost daily.

I could not have braked safely to avoid her so I dipped to the far yellow line and passed her, watching her to make sure I didn’t need to go into the turn late to avoid her.

I used my turn signal, which is the flashing orange light on my gauges. You see it flash before and as I turn. She did not use her signal, so I thought maybe she was just dipping into my lane to avoid something, but she kept coming closer.

The woman was on her cell phone and only put it down to engage me verbally.

At the part in the video that looks like me swerving, that was because she got behind me, and literally road my back wheel, I tried to get away from her, but she followed again into my lane.
At this point she is doing anything she can to stay right beside me and maintain my speed to stay beside me, which I didn’t like after almost being turned into. I tried to let her pass.

After passing her we engaged in a verbal “argument” in which she calls me a few choice words that I couldn’t make out due to my helmet and I fire back with a “B” bomb. She then called me a bastard, which I haven’t been called in a long time lol. My choice of words was inappropriate but when your adrenaline gets pumping after events like this it happens. (I do regret being so rude, I am a nice guy when I am not almost killed)

I try to avoid her; I disengage from the situation, and let her pass, to get out of the confrontation. Then I turn off and start to head towards my father’s house to take a break from riding and cool down mentally.

That’s the end of the first conflict.

Then, part 2 happens. Remember that second SUV with the tinted windows and rims from the first incident? He turns off and follows me.

As I am going down the road to reach a safe point, he sees me, stops at a stop sign and literally waits for me. As I pass, he guns it trying to hit me. I try to power out and swerve out of the way.
At that point my adrenaline almost explodes my heart.

I’d also like to note, he saw me and instead of braking, he mats it. There is NO indication of slowing down or braking.


I turn off onto a gravel road, my main goal was just to get his tag number, and maybe a face shot of him. Then, disengage and review the videos.

I make sure to look both ways at least twice, before crossing a four-way stop, also he was FLOORING it out of there, trying to go hide, I could barely keep up without endangering myself or others, so obviously he was fleeing.
As went after him to get the information, I was not thinking that I already had him all over my camera in the first incident, so I went after him.

As I was driving, I realized I have seen that SUV multiple times, and knew where he lived and I should have stopped and left, but I wanted to make sure I didn’t blame the wrong person. As I predicted it was him and my hand slips off my clutch side, and my middle finger somehow got caught in the wind and pointed towards him.

~Please note: I do not recommend any actions I took but as fight or flight kicked in my adrenaline went haywire, I could have been easily shot, or rammed into.~
P.S. I have a shot of your face, you on your phone, your plate, your address and soon your name.

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