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10 MCU Characters That Look Way Better Now Than Before von CBR   1 year ago


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10 Marvel characters that look good now compared to before.
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What a difference 10 years can make. That’s how long it’s been since the first Iron Man movie dropped that helped shape the MCU into what it is today. Over the course of these 10 years, we’ve seen plenty of new MCU characters appear and we’ve also seen many of them die, but a lot else has changed since 2008.

We’ve seen characters make their debut and change their looks quite drastically. Sometimes it’s for the better and sometimes it’s for the worse, but we’ll be looking at the former in this video. Best friends Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes have undergone tremendous changes since Captain America: The First Avenger. Even Thanos, the Mad Titan, has undergone a bit of a CGI transformation. Watch to see all the MCU characters we believe look way better now than before!


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