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High-Speed Pursuit of Stolen Lexus SUV in Washington (Complete Footage, Full HD) von Real World Police   5 months ago


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In late-September 2018 Sheriff's deputies and Washington state highway patrol officers were involved in an extended high-speed pursuit of a women driving a stolen Lexus SUV.

The chase began when highway patrol troopers pulled the woman over around 7:30 pm in Seattle, and she responded by nearly running one of the troopers over, the ordeal ending more than a half-hour later, following a successful deployment of spike strips against the stolen Lexus and a subsequent PIT maneuver.

The pursuit's end was in the Arlington, Washington area on the Stillaguamish Bridge, and it briefly shut down all of the northbound lanes of travel on I-5.

Until now only three silent minutes of this footage have been available. Not anymore. This video contains the complete footage of the pursuit, in full-HD and with all original audio, as recorded by King County Sheriff's Office's Guardian One helicopter.



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