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The Devil Scream shock treatment by Sri Lankan Monk von Deemanthe Weerasuriya   7 years ago


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This Video is made in Sri Lanka. The monk has immense power to deal with spirits. The spirit here in the woman's body is a devil called Bahirava who has been very angry and gone wild because the treasures guarded by him was stolen by shamans using powerful mantra.
He had tried to take revenge from the shaman but had failed due to protection by mantra. So he tried to take 3 lives from one family. The family searched for help from some other shaman, but he was an evil one who tried to take the treasure him self using this woman as a bate. After so much trouble they heard about this monk who had supernatural power to control evil spirits.
Now after few days the spirit has become friends with the monk & and he tells the whole story behind the scene.... The monk feeds him with Water-melon. The devil loves it .. but the monk asks help from the devil to treat a paralyzed 15 year old girl with a non traditional shock therapy... with a "devil scream"
I had the chance to witness the whole unbelievable thing while I had a visit to the temple...
It was incredible how this monk has the power and loving kindness to take control of the spirits in minutes if not seconds...and persuade them to be calm and nonthreatening...if not helpful to people...