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Fatal Shooting At Cascade Middle School (Charles Landeros) | Body Cam | United States | 20190111 von Ms. Panda's Den   8 months ago


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Body camera video of the fatal Officer involved shooting of Charles Landeros at Cascade Middle School.

Location: Eugene, Lane County, Oregon, United States
Date: January 11, 2019

Lane County District Attorney:

Cascade Middle School OIS Investigation, January 11, 2019

Based upon the investigation submitted by the Inter-Agency Deadly Force Investigative Team (IDFIT), including videos, witness interviews and evidence collected, I have determined that the involved officer’s use of deadly force was legally justified as self- defense and defense of others on January 11, 2019, at Cascade Middle School. The use of deadly force resulted in the death of Charles Landeros, the parent of a Cascade Middle School student. The details are outlined below.

Background: Charles Landeros enrolled his child at Cascade Middle School the week of the incident. His child started school there on January 10th. Charles Landeros did not provide any information to the school about child’s mother, who shares custody and lives locally. On January 11th, child’s mother went to Cascade Middle School to see if child was enrolled there. Mother had a copy of divorce and custody paperwork from 2013. School personnel called the school resource officer, who was en route, and then texted the officer that child’s father, Charles Landeros, had been called and was on his way as well.

Eugene Police Officer Steve Timm is the school resource officer for the Bethel District Schools including the schools that share a campus with Cascade Middle School. When Officer Timm became aware that there was a custody dispute occurring, he called for assistance from patrol and another school resource officer, Eugene Police Officer Aaron Johns, responded. Officer Timm met with the mother and reviewed the court paperwork. He then, separately, advised Charles Landeros that the custody paperwork provided by mother indicated mother had shared custody and exclusive control over where child attends school. Charles Landeros confirmed that was the only court document regarding custody. The conversation was respectful between Officer Timm and Charles Landeros, though Officer Timm reported concern that there would be a problem if Landeros was present if the mother exercised her right to remove the child from the school. When Charles Landeros indicated he would not answer any further questions, he was asked to leave the school. He was cooperating with exiting the office but remained in the hallway to express his view that the police did not have jurisdiction and only the principal could ask him to leave. Officer Timm explained that he is the school resource officer and has authority to ask people to leave the property. Landeros became more agitated and animated. Officer Johns began escorting Charles Landeros from the building and advised Landeros he would be arrested if he didn’t leave. At that point, Landeros’ child arrived in the hallway by coincidence. Charles Landeros began yelling at his child to “go” repeatedly. Charles Landeros was physically removed from the building and advised he was under arrest. Both officers confirmed when interviewed that they believed they had probable cause to arrest Charles Landeros for disorderly conduct and trespass. There were students in the hallway and in a nearby classroom.