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S.A.S fitness Training von SAS Fitness uk   4 years ago


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Welcome to the world of SAS fitness training where "YOUR DEDICATION IS OUR MOTIVATION" we are here to deliver to you our functional strengthening techniques.


This video was compiled by 2 cousins, Eugene Sobers and Selvin Squires. Growing up both Fitness and combat was high on the agenda based on our communities (MCR,UK) so we soon learned this is what we had to do, consistently. The gym is a place that allows our alter egos to shine through, it's where we set goals for ourselves and are able to achieve self worth. In life we go through a lot of struggles in order to get where we want to be but remember, nothing in life is free, you have to earn it. PERIOD.

Our motto as trainers is this. "YOUR DEDICATION, IS OUR MOTIVATION" /// join our group on Facebook S.A.S fitness also our instagram group #sasfitnessuk