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RIP Vine - Vines That Tickle My Naughty Bits von Yeet My Meat   2 years ago


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These are still relevant, right?

I tried to make a compilation that had as many of my favourite vines I could find, so that I wouldn't have to make another one, or look elsewhere. I may have gone too far. I was expecting maybe 15 minutes at the most. Whoops

Frequently Asked Questions
Who's the singing guy? - Ollie MN
Why is the singing guy on this vine compilation? - Because I, and many others, find him funny
Why did Zack get in trouble? - Apparently they filmed the last video, of the guy getting arrested, the night before, and dressed Zack up in the same clothes and filmed the first few parts. Another story is that walking the way he walked in the video is how you would walk if you had a weapon in your pants. You choose which one is more interesting.
Why the name? - Vines turn me on. There is no joke here. That is all.