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Strength and conditioning with the sas von SAS Fitness uk   3 years ago


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Combining these elements to your training can have massive advantages for you. The Battle ropes, kettlebells, tyres, hammers and medicine balls all these things symbolise one thing in the end, SPEED•STRENGTH• CONDITIONING =POWER

Exercises carried out:

•Waves 30 seconds

•Snakes 30sec

•Seated waves 30sec

•Alt kneedrop waves 30sec

•Walkouts/w 1legged agility push ups (plyometrics) x10 reps

•kettlebell lunges/curl x10 reps

•XHurricane roll/w shoulder press


•Battle ropes waves 30sec

•Snakes 30sec

•Reverse grip kneedrop waves 30sec

•Rowing boats 30sec

•Russian seated shoulder press 30sec

•1arm plank wave L 30sec

•1arm plank wave R 30sec

•Snakes bites 30sec


Push up/pull x10 reps

1arm Plank wave L 30sec

1arm Plank wave R 30sec

1arm Plank snakes L 30sec

1arm Plank snakes R 30sec


Tyre flip/w burpees x10 reps

Alt Thor slams x20 reps

Tyredrop squat jumps x10 reps

Medicine ball

Hurricane roll/w chest press x10 reps

Lateral side steps x1 minute


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