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DIY - Making A Viking Canvas Tent von The Redsmith   3 years ago


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My little boy loves Vikings. And so do I. So I decided to make us a Viking Tent.

And we love it. My kid also helped me with the sewing part as you will see in the video.

The construction is pretty simple. I used 2000x150x27mm pieces of lumber, cut to length and ripped in half. The length will depend on the dowels you will find / make for the sides.

The fabric is coton. You can use any color you want but white seams to be the right choice.

The tent can be use for LARP. Mine is a one or two kids, but all you need to make it bigger is increase the lenght and width.

It's a pretty simple project to make, the hardest part being the sewing.

I hope you will like the video.

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Music : Celtic Theme by Tom Kent

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