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Hydropark was created as an entertainment complex with mainly water activities: beaches, boating and water attractions. It is located at Venetian ( Венеціанський) and Dolobetsk (Долобецький) islands; the Venetian Bridge connects these islands to eachother. Venetian island is connected with rest of Kiev with two bridges: the Metro Bridge to the right side of city and the Rusanivka bridge to the left-bank of the city. The Hidropark station of Kiev Metro is located on Venetian island, it is easy to reach.
Current activities available: number of beaches (including one for children and one for nudes), boat and catamarans rental, ping-pong and tennis, restaurants and cafes, paintball and football, water attractions, restaurants, casino and Sun-City Slavutych disco club (right on the beach), open-air gym (Soviet era heritage) and riverboat excursions.
Open air heavy lifting hand made sports ground. Lovers of fitness and weightlifting can enjoy it a lot! Admission is free and anyone can come and train their muscles on 200 weight machines available. Hydropark heavy lifting site was built in the early 1970s by a group of enthusiasts. Everything was built with iron and metal equipment, but it works perfectly. There is Petya guard who takes care of the safety and lives in a small tent near the open air gym.