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Super thanks to Nintendo for making this project happen!
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Big shoutout to all of our amazing cast!
Smash Bros In Real Life Scene:
Link: Cavin Mohhardt
PrincessPeach: Monica Moore Smith
Villager: Todd Robbins
Little Mac: Corbett McAllister

Massive thanks to our friends at JK Studios for being the people in the house doing all the trash talking, check out their channel! It's hilarious!
JK Studios House Trash Talking Scene:
Jeremy Warner - playing as Princess Peach
Natalie Madsen - playing as The Villager
Stacey Harkey - playing as Little Mac
Matt Meese playing as Link

Fight Choreography: Corbett McAllister
Key Rigger/Wire Work: Ben Alexander

Rigging team:
Ben Alexander
Weixin Lei
Devon Davenport
Robert Bennett

Visual Effects:
VFX animations by King Ceryn
Most wire removal - Phil Goodwin
Other VFX - Zane O'Gwin

Sound Design done by Dan Pugsley and Devin Graham
Music by: Stephen Anderson
Color Design: James Terry

Set Design done by Orrin Anderson at Design Spectrum.
Costumes by Allison Dredge
Props were made by Laci Wynn and Megan Graham.

Directed and Written by Devin Graham
Produced by Carter Hogan
1st AD: Zane O'Gwin
House Scene Improv by JK Studios
Cinematography by Devin Graham on the RED Monstro in 8K.
Gaffer: Phil Shepherd
Best Boy: Brian Sheperd
Edit by Devin Graham with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.
A ton more people that helped as well, but YouTube can't handle the list. THANK YOU EVERYONE!

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