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SAS FITNESS MOTIVATION VIDEO von SAS Fitness uk   2 years ago


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This is me Eugene Sobers, 41 years old and living in the uk. The year is 2017 and the settings for the second instalment as part of this Trilogy are as follows. Since returning to Manchester 12 months ago I'm about to tell you what I've witnessed, suffered, achieved and lost. Stories like this can not be told in words alone, there needs to be action., which brings me to my second motivational video charting my life and where it's up to, it's not about the destination, "it's about the journey" and that's my MOTTO.

As a Seasoned professional and dedicated personal trainer, I have always been a fitness fanatic with an iron determination that pushed through boundaries in order to succeed. My unshakable persistence has awarded me the amateur strong man winner, County powerlifting team winner, and the nationally UK recognized, Mr. Fitness winner. My rock solid belief in determination and will is what made me decide to give back to the industry that made me become a Fitness and combat coach.

My hope is that you all draw strength from my videos and to keep the positive energy going.