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Is Saudi Arabia Going Bankrupt? http://bit.ly/22gcq6a
Who Controls The World's Oil? http://bit.ly/1RJMSqu
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As oil prices remain low, oil-rich Middle Eastern countries search for new revenue sources. How are oil states diversifying their economies?

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Saudi Arabia to run out of cash in less than 5 years
"Not even the mighty Middle East can survive cheap oil forever."

The Middle East in a Post Oil-Boom Era?
"A year ago, my colleagues and I were espousing that, for the first time in the Middle East's recent history, the region was enjoying two dividends simultaneously: an oil boom and a large youthful population."

Why the Saudis Are Going Solar
"Prince turki bin saud bin Mohammad Al Saud belongs to the family that rules Saudi Arabia."

Qatar's Sovereign-Wealth Fund to Invest at Least $15 Billion in Asia
"Qatar's sovereign-wealth fund is gearing up to invest $15 billion or more across Asia, and plans to team up with China's Citic Group as it pursues infrastructure and other investment."

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