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"and I'm so scared of losing you and
I don't know what I can do about it --

The heroes of two generations coming together in a tragic lovestory.

STORYLINE: Buffy (a slayer) and Hope (a tribrid) meet and fall in love. They start dating and even go to the prom together. After a while B starts going through some stuff but doesn't share them with H. Eventually it causes B to leave as she need some time to figure everything for herself. When she comes back, they have a very emotional talk but as she explains everything, they realize that they still love each other very much and they can overcome it, and their love grows even stronger.
Later, H learns that she, as a tribrid, is the only one who can stop the apocalypse, but she doesn't tell B till much later. B cannot let the love of her life die, so she does everything in her power to stop it from happening, including finding a loophole in a prophecy and sacrificing her own life.
H mourns B every day and still blames herself, and Giles (it's not Elijah in this story), for her death. However, she slowly comes in terms with what happend and tries to move on, knowing that B will be with her, always.

Disclaimer: I am really but at crossovers, as you can tell, but this idea came to me and I owed it to them and to myself to make it come to life.

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