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AfD - right-wing politics in Germany | DW Documentary von DW Documentary   5 months ago


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Germany's right-wing AfD party is entering German parliament following Sunday's election where it gained 12.6% of the vote - making it the third largest party in Germany.

AfD, or Alternative for Germany, are famous for their anti-immigrant stance and reacted strongly to Merkel's refugee policy. How is the AfD's success changing Germany's political landscape? Some say it is a racist, extremist party at odds with the constitution, while others maintain it is the last bastion against foreign "infiltration" of the country. Either way, the AfD is making headway.

We investigate the core tenets and goals of the Alternative for Germany, or AfD. Is it an extremist party? If so, should Germany's domestic security services be keeping an eye on its activities? And what is the significance of an internal debate between what are reputed to be more radical and moderate wings of the AfD?

[Reupload from 21/03/2017]

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