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Explore New Zealand in this in-depth adventure documentary von Rick Howard   5 years ago


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This is an adventure movie shot in a spectral and exotic South Pacific island nation by Rick Howard. Located about a thousand miles off the south east coast of Australia, New Zealand consists of two large islands named North Island and South Island. This story begins in the beautiful sea front city of Auckland on North Island. This is New Zealand's largest city though not it's capital, and Rick soon discovered that the best way to see New Zealand was by road, so he rented both cars and motorcycles and drove, or road, all over this country.
From Auckland we'll drive north to the places in New Zealand that were first settled by the British in the nineteenth century. In the Bay of Islands the British established their first town, Russell, where New Zealand's first church, Christ's Church, still stands. In another place here named Waitangi, the first treaty was signed between the British crown and the powerful Maori chiefs of New Zealand. We'll visit the under water world here, scuba diving with Rick, then we will go beneath the waves again at Underwater World an aquatic park near Auckland.
Then we'll travel south east to Rotarua, New Zealand's volcanic area. Much like Yellow Stone National Park in the USA. At Rotarua gazers erupt regularly, mud pools bubble and mother nature shows off her most vivid natural colors in our world. Continuing south we'll visit the town of Gisbon where Captain Cook first landed on New Zealand.
In the interior of North Island we'll see expert rafters challenging the violent river rapids and then to the west coast to see Mt. Fggmont, New Zealand's most perfectly cone shaped volcano. Then all the way south to Wellington, New Zealand's capital city on the southern tip of North Island. From here we'll take the large ferry south across Cook Straights to South Island. First on South Island, we'll visit Abel Tasman National Park. Here a water taxi dropped Rick off on beautiful beaches to explore and then the amazing rock formations known as the Pancake Rocks of Punikiki.
Along the west coast of South Island are the Southern Alps. The high peaks of this mountain range are covered with snow all year around. From the city of Christ Church, we'll take a aide on a legendary train, the Trans Alpine express, across The Southern alps to the west coast of South Island.
Another even more exciting was to see the Southern Alps is by helicopter. We'll fly with Rick very close to jagged ice formations before landing on Fox Glacier. On this seemingly endless field of ice, it looks and feels like you're on top of the world. Then to the Waiatoto River for a thrilling jet boat ride. This fast little boat speeds so closely by the huge rocks and logs in this river that the people who are watching this scene will have to remind themselves to breathe.
Finally Rick will take us to the town of Mt. Munganui for the best surfing Rick has ever filmed anywhere in the world. The surfing is then followed by the most thrilling scene in this movie. On a tiny flying machine called an aultralight, a daredevil pilot named Troy takes Rick and his movie camera on a hair raising ride at a hundred miles per hour only a few feet above the a beach and breaking waves, and then up to three thousand feet flying in and out of big white clouds over the sea and town of Mt. Munganui.
This scene concludes this movie in the most beautiful country that Rick Howard has ever visited and filmed in THE REAL WORLD OF NEW ZEALAND.