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APB Reloaded: Fun Police on Patrol von Criken2   7 years ago


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The Fun Police of San Paro are dedicated to stopping criminal activity and protecting the players of APB from the corrupting influence of fun. The fun police would like to remind you that any fun experienced during the viewing of this video is purely coincidental and can be in no way attributed to them.

Fun Police featured on this video:
-Criken (Migel) *white text*
-Skippy (Skipples) *red text*
-Oats (thithidu) *baby blue text*
-DOWNS CHICKEN (gayspic) *yellow text*
-Martz (barryscouse) *green text*
-Taquito (AsianPunisher) *orange text*

APB Reloaded is a free to play game on steam that I downloaded along with some of my buds over at ABadFeeling. Check out their video on our play-through here:

Feel free to follow on Twitter for updates on future videos and streams:

This was all recorded on the Joker (east coast) server. Song in the first few minutes is "Buggin' Out" from the Saints Row the Third soundtrack.