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HUGE Street Food Tour of Colombo, Sri Lanka - INSANE SEAFOOD + CURRY w/ GIANT GOD LEVEL MUD CRABS! von The Food Ranger   1 year ago


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Check out for 3 months free w/ 1 year pack and 49% OFF! We're going DEEP for street food in Colombo, Sri Lanka! Sri Lankan street food is WORLD FAMOUS for being SPICY and full of flavour! Today, we're trying some INSANE SEAFOOD and SPICY CURRY with HUGE CRABS and GIANT PRAWNS at the WORLD FAMOUS Ministry of Crab! You're going to LOVE this Sri Lankan food tour! We're having tons of delicious street food in Sri Lanka!

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If you love street food around the world, you're going to love this Sri Lankan street food tour of Colombo, Sri Lanka! Today, we're going deep into the back alleys of Colombo to enjoy tons of delicious and spicy street food!

First up, we're starting out with a famous street food of Sri Lanka, the milk chai and fish patties. AND, we found it from a TUK TUK! It was so sweet and frothy and the fish patties was also quite delicious!

Next, we're going to try another famous street food in Sri Lanka, hoppers! These are like rice flour pancakes with a little coconut milk and topped with SPICY sambal. We also had the sweet jaggery version as well!

After this, we're having some AMAZING Sri Lankan curries that you will want to fly here for! DEEP in the core of Colombo, we found a famous yet hidden curry restaurant that made a huge variety of spicy curry. This hole in the wall curry restaurant was found at No. 71, Abdul Hameet Street, Colombo. We ordered the spicy mutton brain and a delicious spicy mutton curry that were worth traveling to Sri Lanka for!

And to finish up our HUGE street food tour of Colombo, we're going to the WORLD FAMOUS Ministry of Crab! Ministry Of Crab is often ranked in the top 50 restaurants in the world, and is ranked at no. 24 best restaurant in Asia. They serve up a TON of delicious local Sri Lankan Mud Crab AKA lagoon crab. The Ministry of Crab has many different types of seafood and flavours to choose from. I really wanted to try the black pepper lagoon crab and the chili ginger prawns. They were both so DELICIOUS! Their BIGGEST crab sells as the CRABZILLA. If you're lucky, you can get the crabzilla weighing in over 2kg. It depends on availability of the fresh seafood. The day we came in, the OMG crab was available, 1.5 KG of pure joy. We also had 3 GIANT YODHA prawns, 300g each! And watching chef Dharsan cook his local Sri Lankan recipes in the kitchen was AMAZING! We got into the back kitchen to watch the huge crew at Ministry of crab cook up tons of local Sri Lankan seafood! If you're coming to colombo to eat and want some nice seafood, come to Ministry of crab!

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