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Here are the 17 biggest animals ever recorded! From massive man-eating tiger sharks to the biggest cutest cow named Blossom.

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11.Grizzly Bear
Larry Fitzgerald (no not the football player) was moose hunting with some buddies in Alaska when he stumbled upon some bear tracks. After a few hours of tracking, Larry shot and killed the enormous grizzly bear which stood nearly 9 feet tall. The bear's skull measured in at almost 27 and a half inches and is the biggest hunter-taken grizzly bear ever recorded.

A gigantic python currently holds the record for world’s largest snake. Specifically, it is a reticulated python, a species that is commonly known to be the longest reptile species in the world and is only found in southeast Asia.This incredibly large serpent tallied in at slightly over 25 feet long and just under 350 pounds when she was measured for the record books on October 12, 2011. The snake, known as Medusa, is currently owned by a production company in Kansas City, Missouri. A snake slightly smaller than Medusa was found in early 2016 at a construction site in Malaysia.

Radar is a horse who is hard to miss. The Belgian draught horse resides in Mount Pleasant, Texas and measures out to 6 ft 7 and a half inches from hoof to shoulder, making it the world’s tallest horse, and weighs in at a colossal 2400 pounds. The horse has the appetite of a basketball team, consuming 18 pounds of grain and 20 gallons of water on a daily basis.

Thailand is a popular area for record sized water dwellers. Yet another example of this was the ridiculously sized stingray that was caught by an angler in 2009. The 770 pound beast dragged its 160 pound captor around his boat until the British angler was grabbed and helped by colleagues. After 90 intense minutes and 13 fully grown men the ray was finally pulled out of the water and into the record books.

The tallest giraffe officially recorded was 19 feet tall, with his horns reaching a height of almost 20 feet. The Masai Bull was named George and was brought to the Chester Zoo in January, 1959 from Kenya. He remained there for over ten years until his death in July 1969.

The largest rhino ever recorded was a white rhino, the biggest species of rhino. On average, these rhinos typically weigh around 7,700 pounds, but the world record holder was recorded as weighing a robust 10000 pounds. This is one rhino even other rhinos would not want to share a meal with.

5.Tiger Shark
A monstrous tiger shark was caught by a group of fishermen off the coast of Swansea in Wales in early 2016. The shark weighed in at a record 625 kilograms, or a little under 1,400 pounds. A picture of the obviously gleeful fisherman standing next to their titanic catch caused quite the stir on social media, with people on both sides of the shark hunting debate weighing in on the controversial photo.

4.Colossal Squid
The colossal squid is the biggest known invertebrate on earth. The largest of these squid ever recorded was caught in 2007 off the coast of Antarctica. It weighed almost 1100 pounds and was 33 feet long. The body of the squid is currently being displayed at a museum in New Zealand.

3.Orca Whale
Tilikum is the largest whale held in captivity weighing 12,500 pounds and measuring over 22 feet in length. The whale is held in SeaWorld, the water themed tourist attraction located in Orlando, Florida. Tilikum was captured off the coast of Iceland in the early 1980’s and has tragically been held in captivity for almost 33 years. Once thought to be a harmless display of sea giants, public perception of holding these whales in captivity and for display has shifted greatly in recent years, with celebrities and activists alike speaking out against the capture and conditions in which these whales are kept.

The largest elephant ever recorded has held its spot for a remarkably long time. The land dwelling mammal was shot and killed in Angola in 1956, a regrettably common fate for elephants. The elephant of record weighed around 24,000 pounds and reached a shoulder height of 13 feet. Healthy elephants typically live for 50 to 70 years, but hunters and animal poachers often cut the lives of these majestic creatures tragically short.

1.Whale Shark
While the aforementioned record setting tiger shark is a beast, it pales in comparison to whale sharks. They are the world’s largest living fish and can reach up to an estimated 60 feet in length. The largest of these sharks ever dragged out of the sea by us humans was measured at almost 33 feet and weighed an almost unimaginable 16000 pounds. The goliath took over an hour and required the use of an industrial crane to recover!