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Here are the 10 Unusual International Border Around The World

10. Residents Of Naco, Arizona And Naco, Mexico Play
Volleyball Match Over Fence Between USA & Mexico

9. A Golden Trianglw Between Thailand, Myanmar And Laos

8. Argentina – Chile : A statue of Jesus Christ marks the border.

7. Argentina – Brazil – Paraguay : Connecting three South American countries, this border is called ‘The Triple Frontier’.

6. The heavy deforestation in Brazil can be seen in this picture. The river marks the border between Brazil and Bolivia.

5. Point Where Borders Of Germany, The Netherlands And Belgium Converge Near City Of Aachen

4. In Baarle-Nassau, a patchwork of borders splits the town between the Belgium and Netherlands. Guess what you can be in both the countries while having a hot chocolate.

3. Finland – Sweden – Norway
Ever imagined an international border that’s so peaceful?

2. Germany – Poland : This pathway on the Beach of
Usedom separates the two countries.

1. Mt. Everest stands tall, separating China and Nepal.
It couldn’t get grander

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