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Video released by the Ocala Police Department of body camera footage of the arrest of Earl Thomas Mozell.

Location: Ocala, Florida, United States.

Date: June 16, 2018.

Ocala Police Department:


Body camera footage of a five-hour operation… in five minutes.

At 12:31 p.m. on June 16, 2018, Ocala PD received a call requesting a well-being check at an apartment in Sutton Place (NE Ocala). A neighbor reported hearing a man yelling, and a woman and children crying. When officers arrived there was no response at the door as they attempted to make contact for more than 20 minutes. Officers identified the apartment as the residence of a female domestic violence victim from a previous incident, and the male as Earl Thomas Mozell. Mozell had a Felony Warrant for Aggravated Domestic Battery, was considered armed and dangerous, and had an injunction against him for abuse of the victim residing in the apartment.

The landlord indicated she wouldn’t be able to provide entry into the apartment for more than an hour. Sergeant Casey Eades directed officers not to wait, and to take action immediately in order to get the woman and children out quickly. Within less than ten minutes they were safely removed from the apartment.

The SWAT team arrived on scene and proceeded with their operation to take Mozell into custody. Officers broke a window to throw in a phone in an attempt to communicate with the suspect. That action prompted Mozell to flee from his hiding place and he was then apprehended. Mozell resisted arrest and a taser was deployed. There were no injuries to anyone involved and no shots were fired. Search of the apartment revealed that Mozell had weapons placed in every room, including a loaded shotgun and stolen handgun.

This was great police work carried out by Patrol and SWAT. We are thankful for the outcome. #OcalaPDprotecting

Special thanks to MCSO for responding to provide additional support for the operation. #Teamwork

To the residents of Sutton Place who cheered for and thanked our officers as the operation concluded, we appreciate you! That was just what the team needed at the end of a long and stressful situation."